12 Angry Men

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13th February 2013


Online via turnitin, in person
Group Oral presentation

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assessment Type: An Individual Assignment and a Group presentation

Individual Assignment

Word limit -3000 words
Assignment One is based on the Harvard Business Review Case Study on Facebook. Study the case carefully and the recommended sources in the reading list. Attempt the following tasks
Task A
Using relevant analytical frameworks critically analyse the strategic capability of Facebook (1500 words, 12.5%)

Task B

To what extent could prescriptive models of strategy be used to explain the strategic success of Facebook? (1500 words, 12.5 %)

Total weighting for Assignment 1: 25%

Individual Assignment: Marking Guidelines

100 marks = 25% weighting

• Critical discussion and application of relevant models and concepts on strategic capabilities to understand the competitive advantage of Facebook (25 marks)

• Critical examination of conventional strategic management models to explain the success Facebook (25 marks)

• Discussion of contemporary models/ studies such as complexity theory, chaos and positive returns economics that may give an insight into Facebook’s explosive growth (25marks)

• Academic protocol – quality of academic references, the presentation of these and the overall structuring and format of the business report (25 marks) (Total 100 marks=25%)


Group Assignment
Assignment Brief

Task A

Using relevant strategic management concepts, conduct an analysis of the film: “12 Angry Men” ( Dir. Sidney Lumet. Orion-Nova, 1957. Film) and discuss the implications of your findings for decision making in a business organisation. (Max: 1000 words or 5 slides)

Task B

The Board of Directors of a medium-sized company of your own choosing have recently attended a conference on contemporary developments in strategic thinking. They were particularly impressed by the Blue ocean concept. As consultants, critically discuss the ways in which the Board could shift its current strategy in oder to open up new market possibilities and to create sustainable value for its current and new stakeholders. (2000 words or 10 Slides) .

Group presentation guidelines

• Students are required to fully participate in and contribute to the development of the Group Presentation. Non-participation and/or non-attendance will result in restriction of marks for this aspect of assessment • The group size will be determined by the module leader and module teaching team and will normally be in the range of 6-8 group members (normal maximum). In specific circumstances this may be varied. • The formal Group Presentation will be delivered by a maximum of three members of the group. The other group members will be required to answer questions put them by assessors at the end of the presentation. • The absolute maximum presentation period is 20 minutes. This will be timed and there will be NO extensions to this time period. Student Groups are strongly advised to rehearse their presentation to ensure that the time period is strictly adhered to. • Presentations will be stopped by the lecturer/assessment team at the end of 20 minutes • Presentations are followed by Questions which are required to be fielded by/responded to by all the members of the group. The absolute timed period for questions is 10 minutes. • Both times are required to be strictly adhered to.

• There is a stipulated Maximum of 15 power point slides in the 20 minute...
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