Scope Statement

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Cupcake Heaven
“We don’t do anything special – we do the simple things especially good.”

Cupcake Heaven
“We don’t do anything special – we do the simple things especially good.”

Scope Statement for Cupcake Heaven
To open a café in an outdoor shopping mall in Destin, FL. The businesses focus will be high-quality cupcakes for an affordable price with an added catering service for special occasions. I will operate a 1700 square foot commercial space within easy walking distance from the Outdoor Shopping Mall. I have secured this location through a two year lease with an option for extending. I have also provided 25% of the required $80,000 start-up funds. The remaining capital will be obtained through a local Bank with a commercial loan. The rented commercial space is furnished and has a kitchen which is fully loaded (commercial dishwasher, oven, refrigerator and dishes, pots, and pants). The monthly rent will be $2,500 and other monthly costs, such as utilities, electricity, and other services are estimated to be around $2,000. This number is rather higher than too low. With my start-up funds I will have to turn this space into a comfortable cupcake cafe, I will also have to purchase certain kitchen equipment, such as mixers and special tools for decoration, and I have to stack up on ingredients for the first month.

* Maintain a high standard of food quality and service
* Provide gluten-­‐free, organic, naturally sweetened, reduced-­‐fat, and vegan based cupcakes * Ensure a friendly comfortable atmosphere
* Place monthly ads in neighborhood publications
* Distribute monthly fliers to neighborhood, businesses and churches * Offer discount coupons
* Provide prompt and affordable catering with easy online and in store ordering

The goals/milestones of the business are to provide a substantial income and to create a business and working environment where both the customer and employee are...
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