Evaluation on a Restaurant

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  • Published : November 8, 2012
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My Evaluation of the Cheesecake Factory

My most favorite of all time restaurants to dine at is The Cheesecake Factory. This restaurant is a famous corporate chain of restaurants that offers a widespread variety of all types of American dishes and of course specializes in the most amazing variety of the best tasting cheesecakes. I love the experience of dining at the Cheesecake factory because the atmosphere is so welcoming and the artwork on the ceilings make you feel very lavish, the food is great and the service is excellent. A particular visit last month proved to me that Cheesecake factory lives up to the expectations of its guests. The cheesecake factory is known for always giving generous portions of food for a ver reasonable price. The casual attire allowed me to feel relaxed like I was at home. It had a very dim and not so noisy atmosphere which allowed me to have a nice peaceful dinner with my family. The walls and ceilings had very decorative décor and designs like modern luxurious artwork which made me feel like I was in a very expensive and 6 star restaurant with waiters and waitresses who fulfilled our every request. Pulling into the oversized parking lot, the first thing I noticed was all the landscaping and how well it was maintained. I found the restaurant overall very well maintained and very clean. The Cheesecake Factory offers more than 200 menu selections made fresh from scratch each day to create their remarkable tastes. First we started off with an appetizer. I ordered the “crab cakes” which had a side of mustard for dipping and tartar sauce that was very uniquely made, I could tell the difference from the store brand that they had made it themselves. Besides the appetizer, there was also complimentary fresh loaf of pumpernickel bread along with French bread served with butter. It contained a wide range of countless wines, champagnes, pastas, salads, sandwiches, burgers, seafood, steak and the list went on and on, anything...
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