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L2 Business Administration - Optional Unit Knowledge Worksheet

Work with other people in a business environment

Learner Name:| |
Employer:| |

The numbers after each question relate to the assessment criteria in the standards

1. Describe the sector in which your organisation operates (1.1.) My organisation operates in the Engineering Sector but I work in the office part of the company.

2. Describe your organisation’s missions and purpose (1.2) My organisation’s mission is to provide an efficient and helpful service to all our customers so that our client base grows. The purpose of my organisation is to provide people with a good service so the business can develop and grow.

3. Compare you organisation to other types of organisation in your sector (1.3) My organisation is a small company compared to other types of companies in the sector making it want to progress more and grow to be as big and successful as other companies. My organisation always has the customer’s interest at heart rather than just making money.

4. Outline your responsibilities (1.4)
My responsibilities at work are:-
Answering the phone and transferring calls or passing on messages. Opening the post each day and sorting it.
Entering supplier invoices onto our accounts system then checking through them and making sure prices are what they’re meant to be. Invoicing customers for works that we have done for them.
Going through credit card statements and matching the transaction with the receipt.

5. Describe how your role fits into your organisation’s structure (1.5) I fit in by learning what the accounts manager does so I can help her out and when I move up in the company I will then be able to teach the person under me what I have learnt.

6. Describe how your role contributes to the organisation’s operations (1.6) By having these responsibilities I contribute to my organisations operations. By entering supplier invoices and checking them...
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