Schroder House

Topics: De Stijl, Gerrit Rietveld, Rietveld Schröder House Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Schroder house
Subsequent to the First World War in 1924, De Stijl group (known for simplicity of forms) designed a free flowing private residence for Mrs Truus Schroder Schrader. The Schroder house consists of horizontal and vertical planes are coloured in indistinct red, blue, yellow, white, and black; an environment where Mondrian’s fine art work comes to life. The co-designer of the Schroder house - Gerrit Rietveld, born in 1888 (the maker of the red blue chair), became a member of De Stijl in 1919. Prior to this he was involved in joinery as it was his fathers’ business and in 1911. He started his own business making and designing cabinets. This lasted 8 years, where he also took architectural studies. At some stage in his studies, he met the founder of De Stijl. Every individual room, corridor and space is market out in a unique distribution of colour. The subdivided floor has no border between each colour; it is simply painted from one colour to another. By entering through the front door, the occupant/ visitor is found within the hall, in which he/ she has direct access to the reading area, studio, WC, kitchen/ dining room and the staircase (keeping in mind that the reading area and the WC does not lead to any other space). Conversely, by entering the kitchen/ studio there is a flow of access to other spaces including the garden. The first thing the occupants become aware of when entered through the main door is the ‘central element’ of the Schroder house: the tightly compacted staircase. It is highlighted through a cubic skylight place directly above it, on a flat roof. Due to the central positioning of the staircase, it is surrounded by a large number of individual spaces, in which includes; the kitchen/ dining area, sleeping area, working area. In the first floor the staircase is surrounded by the 3 bedrooms and the main living area. The staircase leads the occupant to the main living area – the heart of the house. This is where Rietveld...
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