School Uniforms

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Janae Gaskins

Specific Purpose: The purpose of my presentation is to convince the audience that school uniform shouldn’t be a requirement in high school. Type of Persuasive Speech: Speech to convince

I. Introduction 9 pts
A. Attention-Ask Question: How many of people wore school uniform in high school? B. Relevance : That school uniform shouldn’t be mandatory in high school. This the age where we know what’s appropriate or not so why take this privilege away from these teenages. C. Purpose/Thesis statement : To refute the claim that high school students shouldn’t have to wear school uniform. D. Preview of how you will arrange your arguments and rebuttals in the body. (Arguments should answer the question “why” or “how” in response to your purpose, and be stated in parallel form.) (6 points) The two arguments I will present are: a. Expenses/Variety

b. Takes freedom away(Diversity)
The solution:
c. Signing a contract

I. Body
To begin lets start with my first argument
A. Expenses /Variety
1. They are Expensive.
A. Opposition: People think that uniforms are more affordable than normal clothing therefore they prefer to buy uniform than normal clothing B. Rebuttal: A School shirt costs more than the average shirt a teen wears outside of school 2. Not big variety to choose from

a. Opposition to argument
i. subordinate idea (support example, statistic, fact, quote, etc) b. Rebuttal (response) to that opposition i. subordinate idea (support example, statistic, fact, quote, etc) transition

B. State the Argument (from preview)
1. subordinate idea (supporting example, statistic, fact, quote, etc.) a....
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