No Need for a Uniform

Topics: Education, Gender, Dress code Pages: 4 (1229 words) Published: April 8, 2013
No need for a uniform
The US education system is facing a dilemma. High dropout rates, low graduation rates, bullying and budget cuts are among the problems US schools are facing today. Trying to find solutions to these problems, school uniform proponents think that school uniforms might be the key to solve them (Alhanati). In countries like Great Britain, school uniforms are common and many other countries like Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa adapted the same system (Should Uniforms in Schools Be Abandoned?). Even though school uniforms are rather uncommon in the US, the topic of implementing a school uniform system has often been brought in connection with educational improvements. School uniforms should not be mandatory in the US education system because they take away a student’s individuality and don’t contribute to a child’s academic success. School uniforms have been a topic for years and the opinions could not have been more different from each other. Many school uniform proposers argue that school uniforms would improve a student’s academic success. Virginia Draa, school uniform proposer and professor at Youngstown State University, claims that school uniforms improve a student’s attendance, graduation and suspension rate (Wilde). "Uniforms alone do not improve student reading and math proficiency test scores, but they do help in addressing problems with discipline and attendance in a school building," Draa said (Assoiciated Press). However, opponents believe that educational institutions should reflect a real world experience where people can wear whatever they like. It also let’s students develop a sense of responsibility. Students are able to decide what clothes are appropriate for school. In a regular non-governmental working environment, employees can most often chose what they want to wear. Clothing has very little, to do with academic learning. Dr. David L. Brunsma, Professor of Sociology at Virginia Tech concluded in his eight year study...
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