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The Different Opinions of School Uniforms
In your opinion, are school uniforms a good or bad idea? This is a topic that is commonly talked about. There are many different reasons for school uniforms. Some say having a school uniform helps prevent school violence, but others may argue that it prevents originality. As you can tell, there are many different views on school uniforms.

Many people like the idea of the same colored pants and shirts. They think that it will decrease the bullying and any other distractions. There are plenty of facts that relate to those sources being true. Having every student dress accordingly sounds good and is to certain people. Many people disagree, saying that it goes against their personality. Well, it is actually how you look at it. There are a few things they say helps with school uniforms. According to,, it says that wearing uniforms can help prevent the startup of gangs, helps encourage discipline, helps identify intruders, helps create social barriers, increase school pride, and it can also help improve attendance.

People say that being forced to wear school uniforms violates student’s rights, makes students easy targets for bullying, and it can also be a financial burden for families who are not as wealthy as others. People who like the idea include teachers and staff. They like the idea of school uniforms because of the positives it brings to the school and because it makes the school look better. What about the kids who go to the school and have to wear the uniforms? People do not get to hear their opinion and what the students think about this issue. Having the students talk and express their minds and share their thoughts about it could possibly make an impact on other people’s views. According to, financial difficulties, and individual expression are some examples about school uniforms. Students need to learn to express themselves and their wardrobes. School...
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