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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Should School Uniforms be Mandatory in Schools?
There are many reasons that school should have uniforms. Some of the reasons that schools should have uniforms are that they can decrease the amount of violence in school. School uniforms should also be mandatory in schools because it helps the school look more organized, it lowers the risk of kids getting bullied for their clothes and it can help the school be safer. School uniforms should be mandatory in both Catholic and public schools.

Today the issue of schools having uniforms is seen as both good and bad, and there are both positive and negative ideas of having school uniforms in schools. You will also meet many people who think that having school uniforms is a bad choice. But having school uniforms is a good choice for schools both public and Catholic. As of 1998 there were no laws regarding uniforms for schools in the state of Kentucky (King 33). Most research about school uniforms in the United States did not start until after the 1990’s (Walmsley 66). Schools should have uniforms because some kids go to school and worry about being a victim of bullying, and others skip school due to the fear of getting bullied (King 32).

If schools decide to have school uniforms it can cut down on school bullying, and the amount of violence (King 32). It can also cut back on the number of gang references in schools (King 32). Others might argue that the kids do not really care what the other kids are wearing, or that kids do not make gang references with their clothing. Another argument might be that people say that it is up to the students’ parents for what their kids wear to school and that it is their responsibility to make sure that their kids are presentable. Although this may work, kids will care what they wear and other kids make fun of them for not wearing the cool clothes or the name brand clothes. If all the kids are wearing the same thing, how can the others kids make fun of them for what they are wearing?...
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