Scenario Solution

Topics: Education, Operating expense, Student Pages: 7 (1979 words) Published: January 26, 2012
Scenario Solution
Jennifer Hinkley
November 20, 2011
Ruth Anne Ristow
Axia College of University of Phoenix

More and more students are dropping out of high school each year. The need to obtain the funds to open up programs that will make sure that these former students can gain the educational skills they need for their future careers. Having an education will ensure that careers is kept. The plan will take a lot of work, understanding, and communication from all parties. The students, educators, and the community are the main parties’ involved. There can be a plan formulated to find the means for these drop-outs to step up to the challenge and gain enough information and confidence to find a job and to hold down that job successfully.

It will not be easy to design the format of these informational programs or to raise the funds to do it. We can, however, organize the program formats in several ways. We can divide the work into departments that will help employees the importance of focusing on their assigned work without being distracted by other aspects of the large project. The first step will be to assemble a team of personnel whom focuses their efforts on advertising. This step is crucial to make sure that the students who need help will hear the message implied. The next step in the program would be to get the students enrolled. It might be difficult to make sure that they believe that their efforts, and ours, but counselors will be there to show them that it is for a valuable purpose. In general, high school drop-outs have demonstrated that they are not that motivated to continue their education. Because of this, another team of personnel will be there to ensure that the returning students understand that a high school education and the associated skills are the best route to a respectable job. One disadvantage of this departmental approach is that the organization might lose track of an individual student who was brought into the program. In the event this happens, it might demoralize and de-motivate a student who thinks that they are being treated as if they are “special.” However, it may turn into an advantage as well. As the students meet many new people who want to help them, it will begin to boost their self-esteem and their sense of self-worth. The feeling of importance and the realization that many people actually care about their future helps tremendously as well. In the event any of the mentioned issues occur, there will be long-term mentors available to the students so that they do not get lost in the educational process. A group of personnel will also be designated for long-term mentorship of these students. The departments may be divided, but they are also a team that is all working towards the same goal. This is a sure way of increasing teamwork within the organization. With each employee working within their own department that they are specialized or certified in, then reporting back to the team, teamwork will grow throughout the organization. Teamwork is an asset for the foundation by itself, but each person can also build on what another has to say by contributing their own thoughts and experiences. Overall, everything will improve. This includes the students, the organization, and the future cooperate world.

The matrix organizational form is also worth considering for the organization. In this organizational form, employees are divided into their skills. For example, within our program created for the drop-out students, some employees may be better at advertising and promoting. Some may be a “people-person” who are easy to talk to and get along well with other people. Then there are some employees that are good with numbers, math, and logistics. The group that is gifted with advertising and promoting would go into the community to contact and recruit drop-outs, so that they know about and can use our program. Advertising is important, because these drop-outs might not be...
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