Hsm220 Week 8 Checkpoint: Manager and Subordinate Consultations

Topics: Pearson Education, Allyn & Bacon, Management Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: March 15, 2013
According to chapter 13: Supervision, Performance appraisal, Rewards, and Terminations, doing regular consultations between managers and their subordinates impact productivity and job satisfaction by the following, “Regularly scheduled consultation forms the basis of supervisor/worker communication. Some of these sessions need to be formalized, with discussions documented, when important policy and procedure issues are covered. This practice will also help to address the issue of accountability. Policy guidelines will help clarify expectations for consultation and case conferences. The following example illustrates possible wording for a policy on regularly scheduled conferences.”(ch.13, pg.329) So in other words a manager that has involvement with his or her employees in an active and positive can improve greatly on the work environment’s atmosphere as well as making it a more pleasurable place to work. Without an active and positive manager some employees can feel unsure about how they are doing and or underappreciated. Though a manager that makes an effort to encourage and appraise his or her employees and or give them needed constructive criticism can help employees to better understands their work as well as letting them know that they are appreciated. By a manager telling their employees good job or that was a very productive day can get the employees to keep up the good work as well as form health work habit for the work and the environment there in because and happy employee is a hard working employee that makes the work smoother and more proficient as well as keeping up good quantities with great qualities to boot. ?

Chapter13: Supervision, Performance appraisal, Rewards, and Terminations of Human Services Organizations, by Peter M. Kettner. Copyright © 2002 by Allyn and Bacon, an imprint of Pearson Education, Inc
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