Case 10: Evaluating the Consultation and Education Department

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  • Published : May 3, 2011
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Case 10: Evaluating the Consultation and Education Department

The Consultation and Education Department at the Greenby Community Mental Health Center is about to lose funding for lack of information regarding the efficiency of the program to draw self-referrals. The scenario suggests the Consultation and Education Department director gather enough data so the board of directors will vote to continue the program’s funding. The Consultation and Education Department holds preventative programs at the factory and holds workshops to help people recognize their problems. To gain enough evidence that the program is effective and efficient, a process evaluation measure and an outcome evaluation measure are generated and put into practice. A process evaluation attempts to review an organization and its processes although an outcome evaluation attempts to review its inputs/outputs and future. The scope and purpose of the measures heavily influence the design and aid the director’s current situation with the executive director and the board of directors of Greenby.

Process Evaluation Measure-Scope, Purpose, Influence

“Process evaluation involves assessing agency activities to determine whether programs are operating in accordance with plans and expectations,” (Lewis, p. 20, 2007). The Consultation and Education Department needs a process evaluation measure that can do just that. With a process evaluation measure in the form of a formative evaluation, the program can prove its worth. Formative evaluations are a method of judging the worth of a program while the program activities are happening (LinguaLinks Library, 1998). The measure would be a formal evaluation of what the program intends to do and whether it is doing that. It would evaluate the process the program takes in bringing in clients. Essentially, this type of evaluation is to determine if the program is implemented properly and meeting expected goals. This requires a listing of all the workshops,...
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