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Topics: Critical thinking, Recycling, Lesson plan Pages: 7 (866 words) Published: October 2, 2011
Date: 10th November 2009
Time/Duration: 9.00-10.20am (1 hour 20 minutes)
Class: Form 2B
Number of Students: 30
Proficiency Level: Intermediate
Theme: Science and Technology
Topic: Recycle
Background Knowledge: Students have been exposed to basic knowledge of the                                                         importance of recycle. Language skill focus: Writing (70%)  (This determines that this lesson is a WRITING LESSON)  

Integrated skills: Listening, speaking, reading  (30%)
Language Focus (Grammar Item/s):  Sequence Connectors (Include the words in the vocabulary list. You may refer to the syllabus – list of grammatical items) Sentence Pattern(s)  (is only meant for TEACHING OF AURAL-ORAL SKILLS AND TEACHING  OF GRAMMAR. You may refer to the syllabus- Suggested Sentence Patterns) Learning Outcomes: By the end of Form 2, students will be able to:                                     1.0 Language for Interpersonal Use                                     1.2 Take part in social interaction by:                                     (b) Participating in conversations and discussions.  

                                    2.0 Language for Informational Use                                     2.3 Presenting information to different audience by:                                     (a) Writing directions, instructions, recounts, announcements,                                           using appropriate format and conventions.                                     (c) Composing, revising and editing drafts, and checking accuracy                                                 of spelling, punctuation, and grammar.  

Learning Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:  
(a) participate in a class discussion on the reusing and disposing of waste. (observable) (b) sequence the  instructions on how a paper is produced using appropriate format and conventions and correct sequence connectors in pairs. (measurable)   (c) expand the notes on the worksheet provided and compose a short paragraph entitled “At the paper mil” using sequence connectors individually. (measurable)  

Educational Emphasis: (a) Thinking skills
- Students are asked to think about how they can recycle and reuse things.  (b) Multiple intelligence (Interpersonal)
- Students are taught to share information with other students.  
Moral Values: Students are taught to recycle and reuse things in order to save the world.  
Resource Materials: 1) LCD, mahjong paper, worksheets
Vocabulary list:          Separate                      Firstly  
                                    Crushes                       Then  
                                    Detergent                    Later  
                                    Pulp                             Finally  
Stage 1
Set Induction
(+/- 5 minutes)
-        Thinking
-        Speaking
- To indirectly expose the topic by having a short discussion.  
1. Where can you find recycling bins?
2. What items can be put into each bin?
3. What happens to the other rubbish?
1. Teacher starts the lesson by showing some pictures to the students projected on the slides. 2. Teacher asks the students what are the pictures all about. 3. Teacher, then, poses some questions to the students.

4. Students answer to the questions voluntarily.
-        To raise students’ communication skills and critical thinking skills. -        To create an interesting learning environment by having conversation.  
-        Slides

Stage 2
(+/- 10 minutes)...
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