Sample Detail Lesson Plan in Mathematics

Topics: Question, Problem solving, Sentence Pages: 3 (549 words) Published: October 2, 2011
I. Objective
At the end of the lesson, should be able to:
A. Analyze word problems involving subtraction.
B. Transform word problems involving subtraction.
C. Solve word problems involving subtraction.
II. Subject Matter
D. Topic: Word problems involving subtraction of whole numbers. E. Reference: Wizard Mathematics 3 p. 134-109
F. Materials: flash cards, books, blackboard/chalk, prepared exercises on word problem. III. Procedure
G. Daily routine
i. Prayer
ii. Checking of attendance
H. Review
Topic: Estimating Differences
I. Motivation
Group the class into seven groups then give them a question to answer. They will base their answer on what is asked on the problem. Then after that let them present their work on the board. J. Lesson Proper

Mark’s art gallery had 1231 paintings. Mark sold 39 paintings. He bought 18 more for the gallery. How many paintings are in the gallery now?

Follow these steps to solve the problem.
1. Question: How many paintings are in the gallery now?
2. Given: 121 – number of paintings in the gallery
39 – number of paintings sold
18 – number of paintings bought by Mark.
3. Operation/s to be used:Subtraction and Addition
4. Number Sentence/s:121-39 = n; n+18 = m
5. Solution:
1. 1212. 82
* +
39 18
82 100
6. Final Answer: There are 100 paintings in the gallery now.

“7 steps in solving word problem”
1. Read and analyze the problem.
2. Identify the question asked.
3. Identify the given information.
4. Determine the operation/s to be used.
5. Write a number sentence.
6. Solve.
7. Label your final answer.
K. Application
Direction: Arrange in order the steps in solving word problems. Label it with A-S on the blank provided.

_______1. Label your final answer.
_______2. Write a number sentence.
_______3. Identify the...
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