Detailed Lesson Plan

Topics: HTML, Text editor, Cascading Style Sheets Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: March 14, 2013
A detailed Lesson Plan


Web Design and Development

Prepared by:
Darrex Val S. Jara
Jenner C. Elumba

March 14, 2013
I. Objective
At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:

1. Cognitive:
a. Define Hypertext mark-up language
b. Identify the basic tags of HTML
2. Affective:
c. Identify the usage of HTML
d. Identify the importance of Web design and development 3. Psychomotor:
e. Create a simple website consisting of 5 different pages using basic html. Contents are all about you. II. Subject Matter
Topic: Web design and development
III. Procedure
| Teacher’s Activity| Student’s Activity|
A. Review| What is your lesson yesterday?| Our lesson yesterday is all about Human Computer Interaction.| B. Motivation| Have you ever tried to use notepad in making a website?| NO. is it possible?| | Yes! Notepad is the basic software needed to create a website.| Wow! How could that be possible?| | Listen, so you will know.| |

C. Lesson Proper|
What is HTML?the "mother tongue" of your browser invented in 1990 by a scientist called Tim Berners-Lee a language, which makes it possible to present information on the Internet What you see when you view a page on the Internet is your browser's interpretation of HTML. To see the HTML code of a page on the Internet, simply click "View" in the top menu of your browser and choose "Source". What can I use HTML for? HTML is used to make websites. It is as simple as that! HTML is an abbreviation of "HyperText Mark-up Language" - which is already more than you need to know at this stage. However, for the sake of good order, let us explain in greater detail.Hyper is the opposite of linear. Text is self-explanatory. Mark-up is what you do with the text. You are marking up the text the same way you do in a text editing program with headings, bullets and bold text and so on. Language is what HTML is. It uses many English...
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