Detailed Lesson Plan

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At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to:
a.Identify ways by which solar energy is used by plants, animals and humans. b.Writes the importance of solar energy in our daily lives. c.Appreciate of the importance of the sun.

“Solar Energy”

Science and Health V by Jessie Villegas pp.256-257
Activity Workbook in Elementary Science page 48
Power point,Chart, Puzzle, Pictures, Solar Calculator
Science Processes
Observing, Identifying, Inferring, Classifying
Values Infusion
Appreciating the importance of sun


Teacher’s ActivityPupil’s Activity
A.Preparatory Activity
1.Opening prayer/GreetingsPupils will pray

2. Energizer
Let us sing a song
“You are my Sunshine”You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You’ll never know dear
How much I love you
So please don’t take
My sunshine away

3. Review
Class do you still remember our past lesson?

Good. To see whether you have mastered past lesson, I have here a puzzle. Who wants to assemble this puzzle?

What image have you formed?

Very good!
What are the parts of the sun?

Look at the picture. Will you identify the parts of the sun?

Will you describe each part?

Correct! Let us give your classmate a YES clap!


Before we go to our new lesson, let’s sing a song first.
I have here cut-out letter of the word SUN. I will give it to you and the one who is holding this letter will go here in front and say “here I am”. Let us sing.

Yes ma’am.

Pupils will assemble the puzzle.

Parts of the sun


Corona is the outermost layer of the sun’s atmosphere. It can be seen during eclipse.

Chromosphere is the middle layer. It is a dense layer of hot gases.

Photosphere is the third layer of the sun’s atmosphere. This layer releases light which reaches the earth.

Core is the solar reaction or innermost layer.

What word have they formed?
What is sun?

Correct! Will you tell something about the sun?

B.Development Activities

What the word, that’s the word!

I have here jumbled letters. You will arrange this letter to form a new word


Clue: It comes from the sun.

What does the word solar means?

The word solar comes from the Greek word “sol” which means sun. Solar means “relating to the sun.”

What do you call the energy coming from the sun?

Correct! How does solar energy useful to man, plants and animals. Let’s find out.

Class, look at the picture.
Who will explain what the picture tells us?

Will you describe the first picture?

Very Good! When plants use sunlight for their growth, it means they get their food, isn’t it? C: where is S? 2x
S: here I am, here I am
C: what do you say S? 2xz
S: S s s…sss…

C: Where is U? 2x
U: Here I am, here I am
C: what do say U? 2x
U: U u u… u u u…

C: where is N? 2x
N: Here I am, here I am
C: What do say N? 2x
N: N n n… n n n…

It is the center of the solar System.

It gives light.

It is related to the sun.


The first picture tells us that
Sunlight is used by the plants for its growth.

What do you call that process of making food by plants?

Correct! What can you say about this picture?

What else?

Excellent! Give yourself a BOOM clap!

Now let us look at the next picture. Who will describe the picture?

How about this picture?

Good. How about this picture? What do you see?

What the baby get from the sunlight?

Excellent! How about the last picture, what do you see?

What kind of calculator?
Will you describe what the picture means?

Very Good! Have you seen a real solar calculator?

I have here an example of solar...
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