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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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|FORM 3A: LESSON PLAN – PART ONE: OVERVIEW | |LESSON/ACTIVITY: |CHILDREN INVOLVED: |DATE(S) USED: | |Art and Design |6-8 |4th January 2012-10th January 2010 | |PURPOSE OF LESSON (teaching intentions) | |To introduce children to the art of Andy Warhol, enabling children to engage with his work, discuss the medium and colour usage. The activity | |is to allow children to engage with his work in an independent manner, they will select appropriate mediums which they have previously worked | |with, to produce a piece of work collectively. | |FEED-FORWARD from previous lesson evaluations and pupil assessments: | |Children have not been introduced to the work of Andy Warhol in previous lessons, thus the artist will be a new concept. However some children | |may have witnessed his work outside of school, owing to the popularity of some of his work. All children have worked with the mediums which | |will be given. | |LESSON LEARNING OBJECTIVE(s) --what you intend pupils to learn in the lesson. | |Children will develop an understanding of the work of Andy Warhol, discussing medium used, colour, textures and content. | |Children will develop skills in collecting visual information from famous art (pop-art) as a stimulus for further work. | |Children will develop skills to question and make thoughtful observations about starting points for their work | |Children will develop an understanding of pop-art, exploring a range of processes and materials to recreate pop-art themes. | |CLASSROOM OBJECTIVES which could be shared with children | | | |We are learning about the style of Andy Warhol’s Art | |SUCCESS CRITERIA which could be shared with children | |We have created a piece of Art in the style of Andy Warhol | |MONITORING and ASSESSMENT OPPORTUNITIES (What, how, who and when) | |Questions will be asked throughout the activity, specific answers using terminology such as pop-art will be used. Ability to successfully | |answer questions and identify key elements which are significant to the work of Andy Warhol | |All children will be expected to discuss the effects of colour used. | |Children will be monitored according to the medium they choose to use and subsequent colours. | |Fine motor skills will be tested when using pencils/felt tips/ crayons- lower ability children, especially SEN may struggle with this. | |DIFFERENTIATION...
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