Same-Sex Marriage and Its Affect on Society

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  • Published : March 20, 2012
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Same-Sex Marriage and Its Affect on Society

April 9, 2011

Same-Sex Marriage and Its Affect on Society
Gay marriage is a highly controversial topic that has caused violence, tears, confusion, debate, and unhappiness, and action towards the gay equality movement. The United States stresses how everyone is equal and everyone has the same rights, but if that were true, why are gays and lesbians not allowed to get married. In the recent years, the concept of same-sex marriage has become quite the controversial issue. Many lawsuits, law amendments, and debates of occurred because of this issue. It has not only caused pain to those who are affected by these laws, but it has caused hatred for both those who are affected and those who believe that same-sex marriage should not happen. There are many benefits to same-sex marriages. Same-sex marriage decreases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases amongst the gay community, increases adoptions, and is all about love; therefore same-sex marriages should be legalized. Gays and lesbians have been fighting hard for equality for many years now. Before the fight for same-sex marriage came about, discrimination against homosexuals was the current war that is still in process. In its earlier years, being gay was unacceptable. People had to hide who they truly were in order to avoid being beaten or bullied. During and after the wild 1960s, a lot of people were sleeping with multiple partners and even groups. This led to gays and lesbians becoming more open about their sexuality because most of the country was being very promiscuous. The act of being you was often and still is referred to coming out of the closet. Coming out is a figure of speech that was developed once more and more homosexuals became open about being gay. With more people becoming more open about their sexuality, more problems and discrimination occurred. Till this day, gays and lesbians are discriminated against for the same reasons why people do not want same-sex marriage. The idea of same-sex marriage has been around for quite a few decades. “Gay rights advocates pursued same-sex civil marriage rights in America as early as 1971” (D’Angelo, 2009). Since the early 1970s, gays and lesbians have been fighting for the right to get married. That fight has only progressed over the past decade. Every year that passes, the fight for equal marriage rights only increases and in-turn becomes more violent and hurtful. Over the years, the legislature has become more involved. More laws regarding same-sex marriage have either passed or have been vetoed. As time goes by, the fight will only get worse until finally same-sex marriage is legalized. Proposition 8 is a historic amendment that was proposed to re-phrase the law regarding marriage. At one point, all of the laws stated that marriage is the right for a couple to get married. Proposition 8 was the plea to make California law state that marriage is the union of one man and one woman is known as traditional marriage. Proposition 8 was developed to protect traditional marriage and its values. According to the Proposition 8 website, the campaign was established for three main reasons. As mentioned earlier, it was established to restore the specific definition of marriage; one man and one woman. The second reason was to overturn a decision made by four Supreme Court judges who decided pro same-sex marriage. A deeper reason for establishing the campaign was to prevent people from having to face mandatory compliance towards homosexuality in general (Proposition 8, 2008). Supporters of Proposition 8 did not want to be forced to be okay with homosexuality. They believed that if same-sex marriage became legal, then other events would happen that would lead to the destruction of an ethical society. The voters were the ultimate decision makers and they would determine the fate of many same-sex couples who wished to get married. “The California Supreme Court accepted three lawsuits...
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