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  • Published: October 18, 2014
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Jennifer Evans
Professor Poyner
English 111
Same-sex Marriage Legalization
The legalization of same-sex marriage is fought strongly by both sides. Those against same-sex marriages fear legalizing them would diminish traditional marriages, along with having other concerns. The main view of those for same-sex marriage legalization is that they see it as a right to gays and lesbians. The question is which side is right? Would the legalization of same-sex marriages take away from traditional marriages or is it a right not being honored? The question of same-sex marriage brings with it the question why. Is it important for same-sex marriages to be legalized considering that same-sex couples can live in cohabitation even in the states where same-sex marriages are illegal? These are a few of the age old questions pertaining to the issue of same-sex marriage legalization. While many American’s view on marriage is that they are between a man and a woman, there are still several who believe same-sex marriages should be legalized. In the views of Americans who are for same-sex marriage legalization the right to many is not an individual right but a right to each couple. “I argue that the right to marry is fundamentally, not an individual right, but a couples collective right” (Williams, 589). Those against same-sex marriage view the right to marry as an individual’s right. Therefore they see same-sex couples as having the same individual right as heterosexual couples, to marry a member of the opposite sex. “One cannot marry by oneself; and thus cannot exercise the right to marry by oneself” (Williams, 593) Thus the right to marry should be viewed as a collective right of a couple rather than an individual right. Does this mean that same-sex marriages should be allowed? Many people see both sides of this issue, and still yet others have no opinion. “Jeremy Garrett has recently defended a view he calls “marital contractualism” which applies Nozick’s general defense of...
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