Marriage and Individuals

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  • Published : February 17, 2012
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English 101.01
November 9, 2011
Marriage and Individuals
“No matter what language people speak-from Arabic to Yiddish, from Chinook to Chinese-marriage is what we use to describe a specific relationship of love and dedication to another person” (Wolfson 90). In the essay “What Is Marriage” by Evan Wolfson, he argues that marriage is a very important custom to our society from both social and spiritual aspects of life. Wolfson believes that as long as two people are in love whether if it is same-sex or opposite sex, couples have the right to be married. The government should permit and support same-sex couples to be married and become financially and socially stable. Likewise, Author Andrew Sullivan of “My Big Fat Straight Wedding” writes about his perspectives that everyone should acknowledge and treat the gay and lesbian people with respect as a human being. Both authors have some similar perspectives on the same sex marriage topic; one of them being sociological views and the matter of same-sex couples. In addition, both Evan and Andrew believe that family and friends who support and understand gay couples have a major positive on same sex marriage. Both authors discussed that many gay or lesbian children are being raised in a non-gay environment and that has a negative impact on the lives of children. The differences between Wolfson and Sullivan’s viewpoints are that Sullivan emphasizes the individual citizen, and Wolfson emphasize the importance of same-sex marriage. Some people are still ignoring the fact that our society is changing and evolving rapidly. Same-sex couples have been suppressing their voices throughout many decades, and now they are ready to fight for their freedom and the right to be married. In both essays, Wolfson and Sullivan expressed that same sex couples have been mistreated by our society, especially on the right to be married. According to Wolfson, “No matter how long they have been together as a couple, no matter how...
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