Benefits of Marriage Equality

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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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16 October 2012
Benefits of Marriage Equality
Legalizing same-sex marriage would benefit our country both socially and economically without a negative impact on family values. President Obama is the first president in history to publicly support same-sex marriage. His opinion, like that of most people in this country, has evolved from originally stating marriage should be between a man and woman to finally giving his support to same-sex marriage. (Kellard)

President Obama recognizes the need for equality for all U.S. citizens, not just those who are heterosexual. If same-sex couples were allowed to legally marry, it would lead to more money for the state and local governments. There would be an increase in the number of marriage licenses applied for each year thereby increasing the state and local governments' income from the fees for such applications. There would also be more income tax collected because when taxes are filed together with combined income the couples are most often pushed into the next tax bracket. This means more tax revenue both locally and nationally. New York City reported "$259 million of economic benefits from same-sex marriages in the first year of the law allowing the practice." (Goldman)

Legalizing same-sex marriage would also attract more businesses. Companies are always on the lookout for a young and vibrant workforce. Young people have always been more accepting and tolerant than their parents' generation, therefore businesses have a much better chance of finding the individuals they want in an area that is supportive to the gay and lesbian community. In fact, many gay and lesbian couples themselves will choose a lower paying job in a supportive community as opposed to a higher paying one in a highly prejudiced community. (Eskridge 162) The same can be said for their heterosexual peers. Most people prefer to live in a supportive and nurturing environment not one filled with hate.

In these supportive communities, there will...
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