Liberty and Justice for All

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Liberty and Justice for all
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Our constitutional rights are that we all have the same rights. We cannot be hired nor fired based on age, sex, religion, race, or sexual orientation. We cannot treat people differently for any reason if we do we are punished by our courts. The punishment given to those who discriminate is a severe punishment. We may be charged criminally with a measure eleven which has a mandatory minimum of 72 months (6 years) in prison measure eleven charges are not eligible for early release based on good behavior. I have to wonder why; neither the Federal Government nor the U.S. Supreme Court will look at gay marriage or domestic partnership the same as a traditional marriage. Gay marriage is not accepted and is not recognized. Making medical decisions for your partner in the horribly tragic situation that they cannot make their own decisions, custody of children in the event that one of the partners is no longer going to be around to raise the child, and being forced to testify against the one you love in the court of law; are just a few of the reasons why gay marriage should be legal Although there are many more reasons I do not have the space to go over all of them with you. I will then tell you why the Federal Government and the United States Supreme Court do not up-hold the same values that we are forced to follow in our lives, what can we do to change this, and why should we vote to change this.

Making medical decisions is huge when your partner is unable to make their own decisions. This is a very difficult time in any person’s life and most couples whether they are gay or straight discuss what they want to happen in this situation even if there is not Last Will and Testament. With a straight marriage there is no question that the wife would make decisions for the husband and vice versa. There would be no other family member that could take this responsibility away from the healthy spouse; no family member would be able to say that the legal spouse could not be in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). In a gay partnership, however; the partner will not be able to make any decisions for their loved one. If the one who is unable to make the decisions has family members who are against the gay partnership, they could make the decision to not allow the healthy partner to be in the ICU, the family member would also be allowed to make all of the decisions as for how they should be cared for or whether they should continue to remain on life support or not. It would not matter if the gay couple had been together for one year or 40 years they would not be allowed to make a single decision for the one they love, they would be deprived of telling their partner good bye. It would not matter if the family member was a not even a part of the partners life. To give you an example if the partner had a parent that had disowned them for being gay and had not seen them in fifteen they would have the right to make medical decisions for their child instead of the partner who had lived with and would know what their partner would want in this situation.

Custody of children is a touchy subject for both straight relationships and gay partnerships. With a straight couple both the husband and wife can both go to court and fight for custody or visitation; they can also hold the other parent accountable for making sure that the custody agreement is followed. In the event that one parent is in the hospital or has died then it is assumed that the other parent would inherit all responsibilities of the child. In a gay partnership only one person can legally have custody. This is based on the birth certificate of the child. A man must be named as the father and a woman must be named as the mother, so you can see the problem that arises when the “parents” are the same sex. In the event the couple splits up neither partner would be able to go in and fight for custody. The custody would be with the partner that is...
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