Global Social Issues and Change Paper

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Marriage Pages: 7 (2341 words) Published: September 16, 2012
Global Social Issues and Change Paper
In this paper we will identify a social issue that has gone global. Our team has chosen same sex marriages. We will talk about the social group that is affected by this social change. In addition we will explain any resistance that this population group has faced and how they have dealt with the issue. Moreover, we will explain the sociological theory of social change best applies to the social issue for future research and why the theory is appropriate. Identify the global social issue The global social group our team has identified is the gay and lesbian social group and their same sex marriages. Lately, this has been a monumental news media because of its acceptance especially, by many political leaders who have passed laws allowing same sex marriages in many states to become possible. “Statistics indicate that same sex marriage is legal Nationwide in ten countries around the world” (World, 2012). Socially, this has impacted many cultures and religious views, concerns whom are non believers and do not agree with same sex marriage. However, it is becoming more of a social norm as it is freely talked about and accepted by many people. The idea of same sex relationships have gone on for many years however, has not become such a large phenomenon as it has today. People are more comfortable with themselves and their relationships and are no longer ashamed to be open and honest about the way they feel and what they want. The gay and lesbian community has become quite large and many politicians have passed the law of same sex marriage knowing that this will gain their votes at the polls. As we move forward with identifying the social group and its issue we find that there are still issues of discrimination however, many gay and lesbians are capable of dealing with the stigma that is placed upon them. The American Psychology Association had been called upon to remove what was a long time diagnosis of mental illness relating to sexual orientation associated with gay and lesbians. The concerns were with threats to their well being because of the prejudice and discrimination against people who identify themselves as gay or lesbians. Like any other social group that face social change, also face challenges by other social groups for example the church and the social group of just regular people that are non believers in same sex marriage. In situations such as these there is an identity as before there was not an identity and people hid their feelings and relationships of gay and lesbians from the public eye. Whether or not gays and lesbians are completely accepted in society by all people and social groups, being able to open up about whom they are helps their well being because they no longer have to hide who they are from society. The Specific, Affected Population Groups

There are two groups that are affected or believe they are affected by same sex marriage. The first one is of course the gay and lesbian community and the second one is the religious community. The gay and lesbian community is affected because it is their life and their rights. The religious community is affected because it believes that same sex is immoral and goes against their religion. “Religious denominations play a strong role in structuring attitudes about the morality of homosexuality, and support for specific policies of toleration and nondiscrimination” (Sherkat, De Vries & Creek, 2010, p. 81). This quote gives a good idea of how much influence religion has an effect on people’s views on gay marriage. Christians uses the Bible to explain their belief that God is against religion. Also Christians see Gay Marriage as undermining their own marriage. They believe that if gay people are allowed to get married then that somehow makes their marriage less real. These two groups are at odds with each other. Some churches even make members feel...
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