Is Our Constitution Still Relevant?

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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On September 17th, 1787, our founding fathers sat down at the Philadelphia Convention and wrote our United States Constitution. These men entered the convention intending to simply revise the Articles of Confederation, but ended up creating a new government, with a new document to go with it. The Constitution was written a little over 225 years ago. The authors had the best in mind when penning it, but with changes in time come changes in culture. Without a doubt, the constitution has guided our country with a true aim. Even today the constitution is relevant, based upon the amendments; the amendments play a large role in our nation, and keep the constitution applicable to an ever-changing American society. If you were to look at the constitution today, you would find that you could hardly read a section without coming across an amendment. When such a large amount of the constitution has been declared inappropriate and thus changed, can we really afford to hold the constitution itself at such a high level of importance? Since the document has been ratified, our nation had experienced two world wars, numerous other international wars and conflicts, women fighting for their suffrage, the black civil rights movement, and now, a fight to allow homosexual Americans to exercise their freedom to marry who they love. The constitution and its amendments are supposed to protect our freedoms, not take them away and limit them for a certain demographic of people. My cousin, who is 28 and will be graduating from medical school this spring, has recently come out as gay. He has experienced depression and intolerance from his colleagues and professors. He has inspired me to become an advocate for allowing equal marital freedoms in all states, and to help bring this bigotry to justice. It is our duty as Americans to support the freedom of others. Our country was founded off the fundamental idea of freedom and equal opportunity; therefore it is a vital part of our nation’s...
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