Running Case

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Running Case Summary

Information Technology

Project Management Plan

ITC 4780

John Doe

Professor Jim Madness

It is important to know who do what for the testing when it comes to communication management plan for the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project. The reason why is because you want to make the most of the possibility of flourishing project recognition; feedback occurrence, what will be accomplished and good reporting. Its purpose is to recognize prepared and standard techniques of changing out information among project stakeholders and team members.

There are 5 team members assigned for this project with different roles and responsibilities. The issue I found for this project is that there is confusion in deciding who should do what for as the testing portion. Another issue I see is archiving the documentation. After everything is done, it is very wise to have some place to keep all plans and documents base on the retention of an organization. Moreover, I have found some data that is useful such as the Web-Enhanced Communication System that can improve the business delivery and development of services and their products.

My recommendation for this project is have Bonnie and me as the test designer, in which we are responsible for the creation of the test scripts and any scenarios. I will recommend that Tony Prince will be the testing manager and test approver since he is the project manager. As the network specialist, I would utilize Patrick as the project tester. This is where he is responsible for carrying out the test scripts and telling the results. Also I would use him as the project test lead to oversee the testing of the project as well. Lastly, I would recommend that Nancy can be the reviewer who will be responsible for evaluating reports from the tester and making a decision on what actions will take place. By having everyone to do a certain test will expedite the completion of the project. Also it allows a broaden cover on everything that can help reduce the risk on the failure of the system. We know that you can’t go wrong when you test certain portion of the project.

In summary, testing is a good practice so you can test every element of the resolution. Some examples on what we test are: • Having provisions for support, recovery and the system disaster recovery plan • Whether or not the staff have enough knowledge and the ability to operate the progression • Can the network deal with data and transaction volume There is a skill in testing a project because having an absolute, conjured world in a way to pursue genuine actions is a very good reason to test out scenarios of different companies. Having good test data and knowing who will test what involve noble preparation which should be planned well ahead. Testing must be created to discover the company solution in a rational approach. There are test tools that can be used as well such as offering repeatability of tests, speed and control. These tools are convenient for testing situations that involves high degrees of operations such as a mountaintop level of networking encumbering. Running re-test are used by repeatability after issues have been resolved to where a solution component has been adjusted and vital to authenticate that other functionality will not be affected. It is simple to view how test plans are very vital and rational part of executing a test. You can save money and a lot of time, help in getting the finest results and can make easy test reporting writing faster. When all testing is finalize, they should be evaluated and the test leader should signed off, or even the reviewer who has been identified and the user manager.


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