It Project Implementation Failures

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IT Project Implementation Failures

Susan Ames


February 16, 2012

Lee Edwards

IT Project Implementation Failures

Many steps must be taken in order to ensure successful IT implementation in health care organizations. Many health care organizations try to take short-cuts while implementing IT systems, and the result usually ends in failure. Today we will be discussing reasons for IT failure by identifying key indicators that minimize or eliminate IT project failures.

Key Indicators in Minimizing Occurrence of IT Failures

According to Wager, Lee, & Glaser (2009), one of the leading reasons for IT failure is lack of clarity in the project. Lack of clarity is usually the result of unclear leadership that leads project teams to disbelief in the project itself. If the project team is lead by strong organizational leadership, the team will usually work harder to achieve the goals set forth by the organization. Teams will not work as hard if they are unsure about how to use a new system, thus leading them to believe that the new system will most likely increase their workload. Project teams must have well defined leadership initiatives when implementing new IT systems.

According to Krigsman (2010), owner of Asuret, Inc., a consulting company dedicated to reducing technology implementation failures, states that, “Dysfunctional organizational culture, combined with poor strategic planning and decision-making can lead to technical failure and are actually expressions of poor judgment and bad executive decisions.” Wager, Lee, & Glaser (2009) states that, larger groups within an organization that view a project as “illegitimate” will rarely be successful. Providing detailed instruction about the project is one of the best ways to achieve success in IT implementation. Clear objectives and open communication are keys to launching successful IT implementations. Allowing team members and employees to ask questions will allow employees to...
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