Roles Within Groups

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  • Published : June 30, 2012
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1.)Knowledge Contributor - Proposes original ideas or different ways of approaching group problems or goals. This role initiates discussions and move groups into new areas of exploration.

2.)Process Observer - A person occupying this role forces the group to look at how it functions, with statements such as, “We’ve been at it for two and a half hours, and we have only taken care of one agenda item.

3.)People supporter- A person that affirms supports and praises the efforts of fellow group members. Demonstrates warmth and provides a positive attitude in meetings.

4.)Challenger- Be willing to disagree openly with the team, and push the team to raise its goals and standards It criticize any decision or preliminary thinking that is deficient in any way, including being ethically unsound.

5.)Listener- A team member must be an active listener, because listening can contribute to team success and the message from the sender to receiver will be more effective.

6.)Mediator or Harmonizer - Mediate differences and keep discussions focused on behaviors instead of bad motives.

7.)Gatekeepers - Regulates the flow of communication. Makes sure all members have a chance to express themselves by encouraging the shy and quiet members to contribute their ideas. Limits those who dominate the conversation and may suggest group rules or standards that ensure everyone gets a chance to speak up.

8.)Take-charge leader- If the appointed leader is unusually absent or laid back a team member can assume to take charge as a leader, either the second leader, secretary or any members. It can be a substitute and be a Take-Charge Leader.
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