Challenges of Dual Relationships in Mediation and Advocacy

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Challenges of Dual Relationships in Mediation and Advocacy
Robert Hands
University of Phoenix
Advocacy and Mediation
D. Smith
June 19, 2010

Challenges of Dual Relationships in Mediation and Advocacy
A mediator is a neutral go-between who convenes with two or more people or parties to smooth the progress and help with communicating in order to agree about a matter or close over a difference that is present between the two people or parties. The mediator does not decide the matter, a mediator makes recommendations. The mediator is present to assist in deciding the problem that is the basis of the disagreement involving both parties. The ultimate decision is made when the two parties finally agree on the issue. The lawful and ethical role of the mediator is to maintain all of the communications, keeping them private, secure and confidential. It is imperative as a mediator to remain impartial while discussing the issues with the two sides that have a discrepancy (Inland Valley’s Justice Center [IVJC], 2012). This may potentially pose a challenge due to the individual thinking and morals of the mediator although it is essential to maintain the consistency of the mediation procedure. Mediators handle moral and ethical problems, in addition to legal issues every day as they conduct meetings and handle disagreements trying always to maintain an unbiased opinion during this occasion to steer clear of potential troubles in the future, When any of the people involved in the proceedings sense the mediator is influenced in either an actual or seeming manner they should to ask for arbitration services from another mediator. Advocates and mediators are vital to the human service industry since clients are frequently inexperienced in legal matters pertaining to the constitutional rights and laws of individuals in our great nation. Minority groups and the poor are frequently uninformed of rights, policies and rulings that are intended to protect...
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