Creation of Teams at Riordan Manufacturing: Team Strategy Plan

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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Team Strategy Plan

1. Complete the following table to address the creation of teams at Riordan Manufacturing.

Strategy| Strengths| Weaknesses|
Clear Expectations Of Goals | Measurement of performance, increased efficiency| Lack of communication and relationships. | Channels of Communication| Developing relationships| Performance struggle, because of time to develop relationships. | Conflict Resolution| Team learns how to handle conflict. | The tasks that needed done on a daily basis could suffer, due to the conflict taking over. | Consequences.| Teamwork among the employees, effective performance. Team members are held responsible. | Day to day tasks or goal could suffer. | Celebrating achievements of the team| Sense of accomplishment and team work. | |

2. Identify the team formation strategy that is most suitable for Riordan Manufacturing, and provide the rationale for the decision. Your response should be at least 100 words.

Several strategies are possible:

Expectations are important for the team members to understand each of their roles.

Communication channels should be in play and open to the team members, creating an environment that helps all team members to feel welcome.

Conflict Resolution allows for negotiation and resolving real life situations in the workplace.

Consequences is where the team members are accountable for accomplishing the goal of the team.

3. What potential barriers may arise during team formation? How will you address these barriers? Your response should be at least 100 words.

Each team member will begin with their own preconceived ideas of the goals and the ways to reach the goals; coming with their own experiences, beliefs and opinions. By creating the goal and the steps to achieve the goal as a team in the beginning, everyone is on the same page. The other thing that I would suggest is to encourage healthy debate over the subjects,...
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