Role Conflicts Within Groups

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  • Published: January 14, 2013
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Role conflicts within groups
Ashford University
MGT415: Group Behavior in Organizations

This paper will focus on the internal make-up and the wellbeing of the Kirkland Regional Medical Center. The center is a company that enables its customers to pick and choose their own physicians or special care team such as Cardiologist or Internal Medicine. Currently, there are three sister facilities affiliated with K.R.M.C., along with (2) Kirkland Clinic’s. The role of the main branch is to oversee the smaller facilities. Kirkland Regional Medical Center is located right here in Michigan, three facilities is located in Houston Texas., Dallas, Austin Texas. All the facilities have the responsibility of ensuring quality care towards our clients. The main facilities are composed of is composed of one hundred and fifty full-time employees and one hundred part-time employees as well as fifty contingent workers. The hospital has struggled severely with business due to the poor economy. The department heads has made a choice to try and improve the business by getting together and figure out the necessary changes that should to be made to improve the business. Here lately the problem has been about being efficiency because of the systems that were in place. I feel that the facility did not take full advantage of many of the new opportunities. To start off right I will discuss and focus on the current technology in place, and start to discuss Kirkland Regional Medical Center needs. We are working with several locations throughout Michigan and Texas we need to have a strong system. One of the most important tools we can have is communication, touch basics at the other facilities. The top executives will be making recommendations and examining the pros and con for the facilities.

One of the recommendations are computers are a must to function quick and fast because of the business. Most of the facilities are constantly receiving patients...
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