Role of Teacher

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Education is one of the greatest services provided by teachers. It is vital for anything. The role played by teachers becomes a very important component and in fact it can be said that they are in way our nation builders. Teachers work in close co-ordination with students to help them in building up their future. They mould the students to bring out their skills or improvise them, teaching good habits/attitudes and helping them to become good citizens of the nation. There are many students who feel shy or have some personality problems. It becomes quite important for teachers to attend to these students personally and encourage them to overcome this shyness or personality disorders. A good teacher in fact becomes a role model for students. Students tend to follow their teacher in almost every way like manners, style etc. Students tend to get affected by the teacher’s affection as well as love for them. So the teacher should have the professional competence as well as good moral background in order to impart these values to students. Teachers form religious leaders, world super powers, and everyone else in between. Due to the success of teachings we have increased the knowledge base of our doctors to create safer and more efficient ways to operate while under pressure by exposing new strategies and equipment to better prepare them for whatever they come across. Everything starts with teachers and the mentality they possess to drive students to new levels. Teachers make the lifeboat because they are the first to interrupt the field of unknown and transform thoughts into reality by learning and passing it on to the body.
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