Roles and Responsbilities of a Teacher

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Roles and Responsibilities Within The Teacher/Training Cycle

Consider your own roles and responsibilities in the lifelong learning sector, provide an explanation of how the teacher training cycle applies to your present or future teaching circumstances.

The definition of a role is, 'The part played by the person as a societal expectation' Taylor (2013).

Responsibility can be defined as, 'the person or thing for which one is responsible' Taylor (2013).

To place these definitions within the context of this task, the main roles and responsibilities of a teacher is to actively teach learners in a way that will engage and involve them. In order to do this effectively, the teacher will need to consider the level of learning the student is currently at. The teacher will also have to be capable of tailoring their use of language accordingly to enable the learning process to be managed from start to finish. For learning to take place it is important that the teacher gives constructive feedback throughout. Their success will be determined by their age and experience, their learners age and experience, the subject matter and the environment that is available for them to teach in. Taylor (2000).

The author will now go on to provide an explanation of how the roles and responsibilities of a Business Studies Teacher fit within the 'Teaching and Learning Cycle.'

The Teaching and Learning Cycle consists of five key stages to include: Identification of Needs
Planning Learning
Facilitating Learning
Accessing Learning
Quality Assurance and Evaluation

For the purpose of this task the two teaching roles that the author has chosen to explain within the 'Identification of Needs' stage are:

The role of an Interviewer
The role of a Mentor

The responsibility of an Interviewer within the field of Business studies would be to obtain information about the students who would be potentially joining up to do a 'Marketing' course. Doing this would be vital to ensure that the potential learners have the capabilities to understand the level of work that is taught to them. The Interviewer would therefore need to determine what the students GCSE grades are; particularly within Mathematics, English, Business Studies and ICT. The interviewer would conduct an entry assessment to ensure that each student has the right level of knowledge within these particular subject matters. The assessment may involve for example candidates having to present a Power Point presentation based on analysing and describing some market research data. This would allow the Interviewer to access the candidates Mathematical, English, ICT and Business Studies skills from one small assessment. (The results from this may prove particularly useful if the candidates need to be short-listed).

It would also be the interviewers responsibility to establish the reasons behind the student wanting to study the subject. For example if the student is looking to pursue a career in Accounting it would be apparent to the interviewer that the candidate is not going to fulfil there aspirations from studying a marketing course and therefore it would need to be discussed with the candidate whether the course would be right for them.

To fulfil the role of a 'Mentor,' it would be the teachers responsibility to provide a learning plan. A Learning Plan would be devised for the teacher to identify what he/she perceives the student to be capable of achieving. Blue Sky Coaching (2008), states that one of the things that can be done to be a good mentor is to acknowledge achievements. “Highlight for your mentee any achievements they might have forgotten, to help build their confidence. Remember to celebrate their successes on your mentoring journey too.”

Within the field of Business Studies it would be the teachers responsibility to use the information collated from the initial interview i.e. GCSE results achieved, special learning requirements...
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