The Roles and Responsibilities of the Teacher

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  • Published : October 22, 2010
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The Roles and Responsibilities of the Teacher
The role of a teacher must be seen as much more than purely a purveyor of information. Keeley-Browne (2007) defines the role as encouraging the higher order skills of thinking, reflection, critique and analysis. She goes onto explain that this can be achieved by creating effective and stimulating opportunities in learning.

Using the tools and skills at your disposal you must be able to kindle a spark of interest in the subject being taught. You have to motivate your students by conveying your own enthusiasm and knowledge in a clear, comprehensible fashion. All aids, i.e. handouts, presentations and role play, must be underscored by intimate knowledge of your subject. It is essential to keep up to-date and abreast of current thinking in your speciality. Use trade journals, Technical Associations and the internet to achieve this. Updated planning of your lessons is a must. Gravells (2007) stresses the importance of keeping records both of what you are going to deliver and of students’ progress. You must set clear goals and objectives for each lesson and what you intend the students to gain from it. An individual learning plan, based on regular assessments with corresponding corrective actions, is an ideal way of monitoring student progress. For this to be successful it necessary to know your students through the rapport built up during the sessions. Active participation and involvement are often the stimuli needed to engage students and create this interchange.

All of us have certain inbuilt prejudices and idiosyncrasies which must not be allowed to effect our judgement. When assessing and marking, impartiality is paramount with transparency throughout. The boundaries and limits on this interaction between teacher and student will vary enormously depending on circumstances. I am teaching a group of mature adults who are often highly qualified in different fields. It is possible to...
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