Role and Responsibilities of a Teacher

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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We will discuss and review the role and responsibilities of a teacher. This will lead onto a discussion of the boundaries of the role. Role and responsibilities of a teacher
A teacher’s role and responsibilities are inter-dependent and vary depending on what is being taught and where. The training cycle (described below) can be used to identify and define these attributes. Identify Needs

Teachers should identify the needs of each learner. This should be performed before commencing teaching and should involve both the teacher and learner. A questionnaire should be completed by the learner that helps the teacher to identify subject knowledge, aims, and plans. The teacher should assess the students’ subject level, numeracy, literacy and ICT skills. From this any special needs can be identified. Planning and Design

When planning the course there are a number of factors that need to be considered. First the course must be based on a syllabus provided by the school, organization, examining board or management. Next you must prepare a scheme of work, session/weekly/daily plans. Then aims and objectives can be set and the course content defined. From this resources should be identified and used to design activities and handouts and set teaching methods. Designing could include for instance, rearranging the seating plan for a student with a sight problem. Delivering

‘Teaching and learning in a suitable manner.’ (Gravells, 2008) Being positive and motivating your learners are significant parts of delivering your course. Having different, rich resources and activities will make the lesson more enjoyable and less forgettable. Here, you have to take into account your students’ learning style. For this reason it is advisable to use a learning style questionnaire. If your students are more visual learners, you should deliver your lessons using visual activities and...
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