Role and Function of Personnel Departments and Ways to Improve Their Strategic Value to Organizations

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  • Published: March 29, 2008
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Evaluation of the role and function of personnel departments within organizations and discussion of ways to improve their strategic value to the organization.

Role of HR Departments
The HR model of the four HRM perspectives devised by Ulrich helps clarify the role of Personnel Departments (University of Sunderland 2004, p. 75).

Strategic Partner
As Strategic Partner the HR Department creates an appropriate organisational architecture with the target of achieving a match between factors such as culture and work processes and the organisation’s strategic goals. The focus is on results orientation and performance enhancement (University of Sunderland 2004, pp. 75, 78).

Administrative Expert
The role of Administrative Expert comprises professional practice, i.e. typical HR activities such as recruitment and training (University of Sunderland 2004, p. 75).

Employee Champion
As Employee Champion the Personnel Department manages the contribution of the organisation’s staff. This means that the HR Department tries to encourage higher employee commitment and full contribution. This can be achieved by acting as a partner, which means listening attentively and responding to employees and their needs, by providing them with adequate training activities, and by monitoring staff morale (University of Sunderland 2004, pp. 75, 79).

Change Agent
This role comprises management of change. This means that the Personnel Department encourages and initiates change in organisational culture to bring about a more appropriate culture and organisation to be able to achieve organisational aims such as business change, consistent employee commitment, new behaviours and competitiveness (University of Sunderland 2004, pp. 75, 79).

Role Evaluation
From the above-mentioned role description it becomes clear that the HR Department plays a vital part in an organisation by delivering valuable and essential services. It helps the organisation adapt to change, manages its most...
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