Roadmap to Success

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Roadmap to Success

What is personal responsibility; personal responsibility is the ability to accept the standards that our society has portrayed as our behavior and to be able to make personal efforts to live by those standards. It also mean to have integrity in other words if you make a mistake or fail to meet society’s standard you need to take responsibility for your actions vice blaming someone or something else. Most individual will blame family, peers, their economic circumstances, or even society for failure to meet the standards. Education is one of the most important personal responsibilities that should be learned at an early age. Even though you have to be accountable to be successful, you are Accountable for your own college success because without accountability you will not be able to complete the task assigned and accountability establishes a road map to success. I believe that in order to be successful in college you need to have personal responsibilities. You must be held accountable for your time, in order to do that you need to have a plan and budget your time wisely. You have to be financially stable in order to have a less stressful time while attending school.

Personal responsibility can help you achieve college success? There are several factors that can influence your personal responsibility; ensuring you can accept your action and the consequences that follow is being accountable and to be able to financial stability. First off you need to have personal responsibility, I have identified that. When you have personal accountability you gain confidence, a sense of purpose, and you will take the steps to improve performance, relationships, and your influence on others. If you apply this to your self you will be able to be successful in college. There will be no more excuses, no blaming of others or yourself, no more avoidance of difficult situation or communications. One of the key elements to success with...
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