Personal Responsibility Essay

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Personal Responsibility Essay
Personal responsibility is taking action so that one can't blame anyone but themselves, an education will help support their future because they are taking responsibility for their own actions and if one is responsible in their personal life they will be responsible in their college life. Education Supporting Ones Future

Having a college education will definitely help when a person is shopping around in the job market. With the economy being in the state that it currently is in, a person without a college degree can easily be looked over when being compared to the person that does have the college degree. ” Over their careers, full-time, full-year workers whose highest degree is a bachelor's make 74 percent more, on average, than those whose highest attainment is a high-school diploma, the authors found. When those with more than a bachelor's degree are included, the premium for higher education rises to 84 percent” (Supiano, 2011). If one is a college student that is going back after many years of working full time and taking care of a family an area that one may need to focus on for improvement might be time management. One will have to set up and follow an entirely new schedule so they can fit in their new duties as a college student. Setting clear starting and stopping times is a good planning strategy. “A variation of this technique is called time boxing. Time boxing is one way to overcome resistance to a task, focus your attention, and make a meaningful dent in large projects” (Ellis, 2011).

Responsibility: Personal and College Life
If one is responsible in their personal life one will be responsible in their college life. “When applied to education, personal responsibility means that students accept the responsibility to study hard and to learn as much as they can in courses that press against the limits of their capacity” (Haskins 2009). Being responsible is something one has to do in their everyday life...
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