Personal Responsibility Is the Fuel for College Success

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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Personal Responsibility is the fuel for college success
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Personal Responsibility is the Fuel for College Success
Although many people attend universities and colleges, not everyone has a successful college experience. Success in college relies on many things. Dedication, a positive attitude, and good time management skills are just a few of requirements for a successful college experience, but without the one most important component, college success is not possible. The most important component in the equation for s successful college experience is personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is necessary for college success.

An example of a car can be used to demonstrate college success. A car may have all of the necessary components to run; an engine, transmission, wheels, etc., but without fuel, the car will go nowhere. No matter how good all of the parts of the car seem to be, without fuel, the car will not move. In the case of college success, personal responsibility is the fuel. Just as a car goes nowhere without fuel, college success cannot happen without personal responsibility. A college student may have everything they need for college; the course schedule, the syllabus for the class, study materials, a laptop computer, even a positive attitude, good time management skills, and dedication, but without personal responsibility to tie those all together, the student will not be successful in college.

Personal responsibility is vital to college success. Personal responsibility means taking an ownership in the college experience. When a student takes ownership in his or her experience, there is no excuse for...
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