Road Safety Awareness

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This topic focuses on road safety. The knowledge base covers institutional responsibility of road safety, the development of a road safety action plan, raising awareness and understanding of road safety problems, road safety education and training, traffic safety legislation, enforcement of traffic laws, and monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of road safety activities. It also includes examples of Terms of Reference.

Transport Scenario in Dhaka (BANGLADEH)

Dhaka’s transportation system struggles to cope with the demand of an increasing population. It is characterized by congestion, high pollution levels, high numbers of accidents, and high user costs. The increase in the number of inefficient modes, such as cars, in recent years has exacerbated the situation. The number of private cars has increased from 87,866 in 2003 to 1, 15,880 in 2010. Dhaka’s roads struggle to accommodate the demands of their traffic. Traffic jams worsen when vehicles to park use one (or even two) lanes. Unlike most mega-cities, several forms of transport use Dhaka’s roads. Each has different operational characteristics. Road users, such as cars, buses and CNG ‘baby taxis’ are not known for the respect they give either to traffic rules or to each other. Pedestrians, too, often choose to ignore the rules of the road.

Target Audience

* Pedestrians- The most Vulnerable road user group

• Pedestrians alone are involved in more than 47 % of road accidents and 49 % of all fatalities. • In urban areas pedestrians accounted for 62 percent of fatalities and in Dhaka city this is nearly 70 percent.

* Drivers with lack of traffic signal knowledge and poor driving skills. Involvement of Buses and Trucks

In Accidents
– bus/minibus - 42%
– trucks - 37% and
In fatal accidents
– bus/minibus - 38%
– trucks - 30%

* Involvement of Children & Young People 

• About one third of the total pedestrian fatalities are children under age of 16 years. • Fatalities of children under 16 years of age are accounting for nearly 22 percent of all fatalities in Bangladesh and are 2.5 times higher than those in industrialized countries.

* Youngsters, especially students driving motorcycles without wearing helmets and lacking looking glasses.

* Children and service holders who use road frequently.

We will also focus on people who can motivate others to learn safety issues. Slogan / Mission

ROADS: Where SAFETY has to be the LAW

Awareness in people comes in two different ways. Those are:
1. To become self-aware in order to protect themselves from dangerous situations. 2. Act as a pressure group to influence policy makers, legislators, traffic police, and vehicle operators to take corrective actions The people of Bangladesh are usually controlled and managed by direct involvement of law or other power holding people. Ethics doesn’t work out on the careless semi educated people of this country. Law breaking is being practiced for long and people are taking it as tradition nowadays. So the only possible way to get the Safety Awareness in peoples mind is by enforcing law in a positive way. If the law is followed in order the safety issue possibly can be controlled with in 1 year.

The following nine individual sectors are identified for road safety activities: * National Road Safety Council
* Accident Data System
* Road Engineering
* Traffic Legislation
* Traffic Enforcement
* Driver Training and Testing
* Vehicle Safety
* Education and Publicity
* Medical Services

Vision for and the Goal of the Road Safety Action Plan
A suitable vision for road safety in Bangladesh, which is not unrealistic, is achieving nearly 50% reduction in road accident fatalities within next10 years and also the reduction of the frequency of road accidents to nearly 30%. For the next one year goal could be set up towards...
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