Road Safety Campaign Concept

Topics: Tram accident, Accidents, Road accidents Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: April 15, 2011
Assignment Name: Nationwide Road Safety Education Campaign

Background of the assignment
Bangladesh has one of the highest fatality rate in road accident. 42% of these fatal accidents occur on its highways. Added with accidents the management of highways is another serious problem faced by road authorities. The important factor contributing to these problems is lack of awareness to use road and road engineering facilities safely and properly. The statistics reveals that Bangladesh has one of the highest fatality rate in road accidents higher than 73 deaths per 10,000 registered motor vehicles every year (NRSSAP – (National Road Safety Strategic Action Pan), 2002 -2004). The national loss due to road accident is estimated to be about 15 billion taka i.e., US$ 300 mil (NRSSAP 2002-2004). A recent road traffic accident report shows that more than 42% (NRTA report, 2003) of all accidents occur on National Highways of which 75.5% are fatal. Accident-prone areas are mostly the hats, bazaars, intersections, road bends and growth centers. Highway accident victims are residents of surrounding villages to a substantial extent. Analyses of accident indicated that generally the major victims are pedestrians followed by public transport passengers.

Objective of the Assignment
General Objectives: To create awareness and bring about sustainable behavior change among the target population towards the prevention of road accident and injury prevention which will help to reduce the situation Specific Objectives: As road user error is believed to be a factor in 95 percent of all road accidents, improving road user behavior should always be a priority. With the ability to educate and influence the general public, road safety campaign is needed in order to: 1) create awareness of road accident threats and vulnerability of certain road users; 2) educate road users as to what constitutes safe road user behavior; 3) change attitudes and beliefs to a more positive road safety...
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