Risk and Return Analysis for Investors

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May-July 2012

Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement of post graduate degree in international business and finance AMITY INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL, NOIDA

Faculty Guide Submitted By:
Ms. VIBHA SINGH SAURAV SINHA Industry Guide Enroll No. - A1808711011 Mr. AMIT KUMAR (Relationship Manager) MBA 3C

Section - D

This is to certify that Mr. Saurav Sinha , a student of post Graduate Degree in MBA, Amity University, Noida has worked in the RELIANCE CAPITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD., under the able guidance and supervision of Mr. Amit Kumar, designation assistant manager, RCAM. The period, for which he was on training for 8 weeks, starting from 14th May 2012 to 10th July 2012. This summer Internship report has the requisite standard for the partial fulfillment the Post Graduate Degree in MBA (International Business Management). To the best of our knowledge no part of this report has been reproduced from any other report and the content are based on research.

Signature Signature (Faculty Guide) (Student)


I take this opportunity to thank everyone who was instrumental in my project completion. I would like to thank Amity University for giving me this opportunity to do my summer internship of days (8 weeks) in Reliance Capital Asset Management Ltd. I thank Mr. Amit Kumar (Assistant Manager, RCAM), my industry guide for all his support. I would also like to thank Ms. Vibha Singh my faculty guide during my summer internship and all the other faculties for their instrumental support.

Thank You.

In today’s cutthroat competitive world management has to perform variety of functions and responsibilities. Theoretical knowledge of such function and responsibilities can be obtained in the institute. But practically when this knowledge is applied in the corporate world, the managers face many difficulties. One has to get an insight into this practical knowledge, and develop the analytical aspects. So my objective of the project is:-

* To study how to measure the risk of investors.
* Understand the investor’s sentiments while investing. * To understand the importance of asset allocation.
* To get an experience of real time work at office.

This research provides an analysis and evaluation of the investor’s sentiments regarding their investments and risk and return factor. Financial planning involves finding appropriate investment options for investors and helps in understanding the risks involved in investment.

Depending on various factors investors must select an appropriate mix for their portfolio so that they can achieve dreams by getting back there expected returns.

It involves knowing the different risk category: Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive. This is done through a questionnaire and after completing this questionnaire we are able to know which risk category investor are and which investment mix (equity and debt-fixed income mutual fund) best suitable for them. We must consider two basic investment strategies: asset allocation and diversification. Thus, investors should be very careful while creating their portfolio. The research was also aimed at finding which is the most preferred investment decision (among Stocks, Real Assets, Mutual...
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