Brand Preference of Coca Cola Products

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5th September 2009

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. Shrikant Pandey a student of MBA at IBMR- IBS Bangalore. As a part of his course curriculum has undergone his summer internship with us from 1st August to 15th September 2009.

He was assigned a project in Marketing entitled “Distribution Gap” which he has successfully completed.

We wish him the best in his future endeavors.
For Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private limited.


This is certify that Mr. _______________________________ roll number _______________________ a student of Master Of Business Administration, third semester of this institute, has completed the Summer Training project report titled “___________________________________________________ of six week duration. To the best of my knowledge and believe, the above said report has been researched and prepared by the said student.

Date -
Place – signature CONTENTS

1. Acknowledgement
2. Declaration
3. Preface
4. Importance of the study
5. Executive summary
6. Primary Data Collection
7. Company Profile
(1) Introduction of Coca- Cola
(2) Brief History of Coca Cola
(3) Highlight of Coca-Cola
(4) Diversifies of Coca-Cola Company 8. The Coca-Cola Business in India
9. Bottling Operation
10. Mission, Vision & Values
11. Organization Structure of Varanasi Unit
11. Department in Varanasi
12. Plant Tour
13. Product available in the market & its rate
14. Customers
15. Distribution and Sub- Distribution
16. Volume
17. Company market Segmentation
18. Product comparison with Pepsi
19. Research Purpose
20. Research Design
21. Limitation of the Research
22. Consumer, Retailer & Outlet survey Form
23. SWOT Analysis
24. Brand Ambassador
25. Terminology
26. Conclusion
27. Recommendation
28. Bibliography


This report bears an imprint of few people who directly or indirectly have helped in accomplishment of this project. I am indebted to my parents who have always stood behind me and provided every possible support for execution of this project. I am thankful Mr. AMIT SINHA (TEAM LEADER- HR, EAST U.P.) for providing me an opportunity to undergo training at HINDUSTAN COCA COLA BEVERAGES PRIVATE LIMITED, MEHANDIGANJ, RAJATALAB, VARANASI. I am also thankful to Mr. RAM SINGH (MD of PP Distribution). My sincere thanks are also the members of COCA COLA who has directly or indirectly helped me during my work. I express my deep thanks to all members of COCA COLA who spend their precious time to providing me for valuable information to my project. I would like to thanks Dr. G.R. NARAYANAN (Director - Academics) IBMR-IBS Bangalore for guiding me through out my training. I would also like to thanks Mr. SHIVAKANTH SHETTY (Asst Professor) IBMR-IBS, whose contribution can not be explained in words.


I Shrikant Pandey student of IBMR-IBS Bangalore of MBA 3rd semester, hereby, declare that the summer training report having the title “BRAND PREFERENCE OF COCA COLA PRODUCTS, AVAILABILITY IN THE MARKET & PRODUCT EXECUTION"

in Nadesar, Mint house, Varunapul, Sadar, Andrapil and Cantonment in VARANASI. There is several things which are essential and important. It is outcome of my own work and the same the same has not been submitted to any University\College\Institution for the award of my degree.


(Shrikant Pandey)...
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