Wine & Food Pairing

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Wine and food pairing

Stenden University of applied sciences

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements of the degree Programme Bachelor of Business Administration

June, 2011
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Executive summary
Veneto is a wine region, situated in the North of Italy, named after Venice. This wine region is the biggest wine region of Italy and produces 55% of white wine (of the total production in this area). It has a continental climate, which includes warm to hot summers and cold winters. In this area more than 80 grape varieties grow, the most famous ones are Pinot Grigio, Corvina, Rondinella, Veronese, Molinara, Garganega and Trebbiano. The dish which is chosen is a grilled sea bass with radish, cucumber, little pieces of sour pickle with a crème of wakame and lime juice. The taste carrier which fits to the dish is rice. The wine which is in harmony with this dish is the Pinot Bianco from 2009.

Wine and food combination is a module assignment for the module food and beverages at Stenden University. After writing this report, the author should be able to make a food and wine combination by him/herself. For this assignment the author chose the wine region Veneto, this region is situated in the north-east of Italy. This report contains three parts, the first on is a description of the wine region, second the composition and description of the dish and last the description of the wine and food pairing.

Table of content
Subject Page
Declaration form2
Executive summary3
Table of content5
Part A: description of the wine region6-8
Part B: composition and description of chosen dish9
Part C: Description of the chosen wine and wine-food pairing10 Reference list11

Part A - description of the wine region
Veneto is a wine region in the north-east of Italy, named after the city which is built on water, Venice. This region produces almost 7 million hectoliters per year, which makes Veneto the biggest wine region of Italy. Furthermore, this wine region produces a lot of different wines from intense red to sparkling white wines. 55% of the wines that are made in Veneto are white wines. (de Zwaan, 2009). (Gibson, 2010).

Figure 1: wine region Veneto
Italy is divided in five types of climates, which are called zones. Climate zone one is situated in North Italy and has a continental climate. Climate zone two belongs to Central Italy and has a warm Mediterranean maritime climate. Climate zone three is West Italy and has a warm Mediterranean maritime climate. The next zone, zone four is East Italy, which also has a warm Mediterranean maritime climate. The last zone includes the islands, which have a sub-tropical climate. Veneto belongs to zone one, which has a continental climate. A continental climate is recognized by warm to hot summers and cold winters. The cold winters could damage the grapes. (de Zwaan, 2009). (Barry & Chorley, 1968)

One part of Veneto has a very fertile soil, here the most wines are made. The soil in the Veneto area is rocky and includes limestone, granite and volcanic hills with basalt subsoil. Grapes
In Veneto grow a lot of famous grapes, which offer an international taste. In the wine region different wines are made, sparkling white, white wines and red wines. The Italian red wines are most pronounced because of a higher level of acidity and exclusive aromas. In Veneto 80 grape varieties...
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