Health Benefits of Red Wine

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  • Published: July 25, 2010
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Studies show that the consumption of red wine is a much more healthful drink compared to all other alcoholic beverages.
This paper examines red wine and the daily consumption of red wine as a health related behavior. The paper proposes that the daily consumption of red wine is a health benefit for individuals in that it lowers the risk of heart disease, prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease, and slows the aging process. There are some reservations regarding the daily consumption of red wine such as the risk of alcoholism and over-consumption, but these are somewhat negligible. Even though most of society claims to be aware of some of the benefits of red wine, the medical community should do more to promote the daily consumption of red wine in America.

Prevalent research, popular literature, and common sense, all indicate that living a healthier lifestyle extends the life-span and the overall quality of life for the average human being. One lifestyle change that can be readily implemented is drinking red wine daily and in moderation. It has been shown that societies in which red wine consumption is prevalent tend to experience lower levels of heart disease and coronary related deaths (Szmitko & Verma, 2005). Yet, given the predominance of this conclusion, why do many people refuse to modify their behavior and behavior patterns to conform to the principles of a healthier lifestyle?

While there are many explanations, and each in its own right is valid, there seems to be a rational blind spot on the part of individuals who live an unhealthy lifestyle, to persist in harmful behaviors, even though it runs counter to common sense—or what some researchers refer to as experienced based knowledge. If, as Witt, VenDerHeyden, and Gilbertson stipulate, “Behavior is a function of the person interacting with the environment…”(2004, p.363), then rationally blind behavior such as: smoking, eating an unhealthy...
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