Review Theories of the Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher.

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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Teachers have roles; responsibilities and boundaries to which they should adhere to in order to efficiently educate a learner. The term ‘teacher’ is one of many that are used to describe a person (or persons) that educates one or more people in gaining a new skill. This new skill could be anything from curriculum in schools to learning how to drive. Other names for a ‘teacher’ are coach, instructor, lecturer, mentor, presenter, trainer and tutor. Whichever name is used depends on the situation the teacher is in. For example a person teaching someone how to drive would be labelled as an instructor whereas a person teaching someone how to play a sport would be labelled a coach. For the purposes of this essay, any person that is educating will be labelled as a ‘teacher’. This also applies for the teachers ‘learners’ for whom they are educating. Learners can also be called apprentice, student, participant, pupil or trainee to name a few. Again the name given to the learner depends on the situation. For the purposes of this essay these will be labelled as ‘learners’.

The main role of a teacher would be to teach the chosen subject (in this case Media) in a way that will involve and engage learners throughout, lesson after lesson. Other roles of the teacher include; preparing and planning each session; being supportive towards learners; being friendly and approachable; provide solutions to problems such as guiding a learner to the; provide feedback offering constructive criticism if necessary; allow learners to discuss their learning; use a variety of learning styles when teaching; acting as a role model for the learners; maintain a positive learning environment; respect the learners; work with moderators and organisations; encouraging learners to achieve their potential; teach without automatic assumption that jargon will be understood. Another role of the teacher is setting boundaries, and just as important, maintaining these boundaries. Adhering to these...
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