Roles & Responsibilities in Lifelong Learning

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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City & Guilds Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Unit 001 Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in lifelong learning.

The main role of the teacher is that of facilitator of learning by leading discussions, asking open-ended questions, guiding process and task and enabling participation of the learners. They must also provide students with the opportunity to take charge of their learning, encourage the discovery of new ideas, to gain insight into their studies and make connections. Students need to have a focus to be successful in their learning and it is the Teacher who should guide the students to have focus. Teachers should see themselves as the facilitators for learning. Those who possess knowledge and not the keepers of knowledge. They need to be able to adopt a range of skills and roles to suit specific situations. Teachers have to meet the needs of every student, have an understanding of their preferred learning styles so that lessons can be presented in varied formats to offer students the opportunity of finding the style that suits him or her best. The goal is to engage the students through the strongest mode of learning while also strengthening the weaker ones. There are four different styles (modes) of learning aural, visual, read/write and kinaesthetic. I try to encompass all of these styles within my lessons so each student has an equal chance of learning and understanding.

The role of the teacher will usually follow a training cycle and involve the following. Before teaching within my subject area, Mechanical Engineering, I will identify the needs of the course, any additional needs the students may have, previous learning experiences and motivations. I will plan and design the course and lessons using schemes of work and session plans to include clear aims and objectives. The use of different learning styles will be incorporated, that way, each student is given an equal opportunity to learn and...
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