Roles, Responsibilties and Relationships in Lifelong Learning Unit 001

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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As a Master Nail technician for 20 years and owning my own business for 16 of them, I have a clear understanding of leadership, working with a team and how important it is to have good work skills and work ethic. I want to progress to being able to pass on my many years of knowledge and leadership to others with new techniques that are always coming onto the market. The role of a teacher within the lifelong learning sector is very involve taking into consideration a lot of key factors and procedures that need to be covered. Firstly, we must always start with the learning cycle. The cycle can be started at any stage, however, all stages must be addressed for it to be effective.

All pupils should be given the opportunity to access all areas of the curriculum. Children should not be discriminated against in any way, and participation is encouraged regardless of race, religion ,sex ,culture or ethnicity. This is where The Equality Act 2010 comes into play. When using material we should reflect diversity to increase the likelihood of people finding something that they can idetify with, for example pictures with different race, age or names on Every child matters frame work should be applied in every situation to promote equality and valuing diversity. My roles and responsibilities as a teacher in lifelong learning would be firstly using the learning cycle. Identifying needs, planning learning, facilitating learning, assessing learning and Evaluating. secondly, creating/facilitating opportunities for learning. Plan lessons, find and prepare material, do research, assess learners and yourself, keep records, lesson plans, attendance and assessments. My responsibilities would be taking the register, housekeeping, keeping up to date in both teaching and my field. Complying with the rules of the organization that we are part of as well as legislation and codes of practice like safeguarding Act 2006. When I am teaching students, it is my own role and...
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