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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of teaching and training. Role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher would be to be prepared for the learners. This would include making sure that the work stations are correct, such as computers, chairs and desks. The room temperature should be at a suitable temperature. Lighting must also be suitable. I would also have handouts ready to give the learners once they have arrived and my knowledge of the subject that I am teaching would be up to date. Once the learners have arrived and settled into their workstations I would explain about whom the first aider is and the fire procedure. In the introduction to the course learners will also be made aware of the facilities in the centre, where the toilets are and where they can get refreshments. We will agree on the timings, such as, start, lunch, break and finish times. As a teacher my time keeping will be important as I have to lead by example, I cannot expect the learners to keep to the timings if I am unable to. The handout provided will have a planned diary of progress and course material and I would regularly checked on the learners progress and give each learner individual feedback on their skills. Each learner must be treated with respect and I help them with their progress and confidence in the subject. Keeping learners motivated by giving positive encouragement and commenting on a job well done. Each session will have a mix of written and practical tasks to keep the learners enthusiastic. As a teacher I must be able to recognise when additional help is require to the learning. It is essential that all voices are equally heard, not just the learner who is more out spoken then another. The boundaries that I work under can be personal, legal and sensitive. Whilst teaching you meet a wide and varied section of people with many diverse beliefs and loyalties it is important to recognise these and even if...
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