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Assessment Question 1
* Evaluate what you believe are your main roles and responsibilities as a teacher/trainer in relation to the teaching and learning cycle and in particular when meeting the needs of learners. How far do your responsibilities as a teacher/trainer go and how do these work in relation to other professionals you may encounter, both internally and externally? What boundaries are there with your role and between that of other professionals? * Outcomes assessed: U5: 1.3, 2.1, 2.3, 1.4

The definition of teaching; firstly begins and considers a couple of wider concepts. Teaching can be defined as ‘the act, practice, occupation, or profession of a teacher’ or ‘something that is taught, e.g. a point of doctrine Encarta (2009).

Before we begin to consider the process of teaching as suggested by Wilson (2008) consider the main roles to include

* Controller
* Assessor
* Participant
* Prompter
* Resource
* Organizer
* Tutor
* Researcher
Furthermore, the specific designated name of a teacher varies and forms the basis of a variety of roles and responsibilities. * Educator/Teacher
* Confident
* Disciplinarian
* Observer
* Leader
* Facilitator
* Mentor

The responsibilities as a practising TESOL teacher within this role are not a totally separate policy, but more about how the teacher carries out their many different functions. For example, the ability to maintain an updated continuous professional development logs. The continuous professional development log sets out individual and mutual obligations that are common to that particular profession. Working in a capacity of a housing officer requires recognised qualifications and technical competencies to satisfy the job requirements. The organisation sets aims and objectives that staff must adhere to and helps to ensure competency to practice. The ability to undertake duties specific to this role determines the degree and level of competency taking into consideration the knowledge required, the necessary skills such as dealing with anti-social behavior and relevant or previous practical experience. Practice, taking in knowledge, skills and practical experience; much of the responsibilities of a teacher have to be considered prior to the practical application for the learning process. Furthermore, as a teacher one must consider the duties to which this role requires before conducting sessions, please refer to the list in appendices one. The duties that are required include marking assignments. Marking requires teachers to develop effective time management skills, which ensures that marking is carried out effectively. Marking requires good concentration; the work needs to be carried out in a methodical order so that a similar approach is used. Whilst working for an assessment body; reading the work first enables you to get a sense for the grade, standard and approaches used. Marking must ensure that the same approach is used to ensure that the same standards are applied. If and where possible pay particular attention to nuances in work when marking that may demonstrate perceived biases. Seek to reassess work and provide feedback; ensuring that it is constructive where possible. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. The teacher training cycle introduces the process of delivering learning through appropriate teaching methods. The teacher cycle consists of five sections and the teacher can be entered at any point of the cycle.

Teacher/Training Cycle

1.Identify needs| 2.Plan and Design| 3.Deliver/Facilitate| 4. Assessing| 5. Evaluating|

The cycle is called the teacher and training cycle as you can start at any stage and work through the rest to deliver effective training. Preferably starting at the beginning; we will consider this as a start for this assignment.

Identify Needs – Ideally in relation to this stage there is the need to identify the needs of the learners,...
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