Research Project Human Sexuality

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March 22, 2012
Research Project
Dr. Lewis
I. In today’s world, there seems to be a lack of communication in relationships. In my research project I will discuss the probable cause of this matter. The information given will help determine the particular effect in Why do you believe to be the causes of communication breakdowns in a relationship? II. The information that I collected came from a broad source of people with different ages, profession, marital status and responses. Majority of the data I retrieved by calling individuals via telephone. Others throughout my neighborhood or local store. Their profession ranged from student: warehouse employee: private business owner. The age range come mostly from young adults or my peers. III.

IV. During the process of gathering this research information, I learned others point of view of communication problems. Some of the individuals had to take extra time to comprehend the question I asked. Others seemed to get furious and have back flashes of past experiences. The male participants continue to communicate about the given questions and other possible problems with significant others. As females just stayed a response and really did not want to elaborate on the topic. I find that males where more comfortable than females on this particular subject matter. V. I believe that communication break downs in a relationship starts to begin when a person loses interest in their partner. When you know basically everything about a person there is really not much to communicate upon each other. If there is no type of enjoyment within that person we will always bump heads. Especially if the person likes to be in control and I like to be in control. The author states that distance between individuals when they start a conversation are clues to how they wish to define the relationship. Self-disclousre requires trust. If one individual is open and the other is not then they will eventually have trust issues....
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